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Silas Bossert

I am an evolutionary biologist specialized in the biology of bees. I study the natural history of bees and wasps as a grad student in Bryan Danforth's lab at Cornell. My research includes methodological studies on bioinformatics of phylogenomics and next generation sequence data. I also work on less code-intensive empirical studies, like the reconstruction of the evolutionary history of the large sweat bee subfamily Nomiinae. These are pretty cool and understudied bees!

I hold a Master's degree in Zoology from the University of Vienna, where I studied the phylogeny and ecology of the Bombus lucorum complex under supervision of Harald Krenn.

You should also check out my colleague Elizabeth Murray's website!



April 4th 2018 – Our new paper on the universality of UCE capture baits was recently published in MEE (Methods in Ecology and Evolution). It is open access so feel free to check it out online or download the Pdf!

January 25th 2018 – A few weeks ago, our Danforth-lab undergrad Erin Krichilsky left Cornell to work as a research assistant at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Panama. Barro-Colorado Island looks awesome and you should really check out Erin’s blog!

July 24th 2017  – I just got back from the second ECN management workshop held at the Milwaukee Public Museum in Wisconsin. It was so cool! Read about it in my newest entry in the bee trips section. Thanks to the Entomological Society of America (ESA) for granting me a travel voucher!

May 4th 2017  – Have you ever seen the female of Clavinomia clavicornis? Well I hadn't until I recently found it in the collection of the Logan Bee Lab at USU. Have a look!

April 30th 2017 – Good news, someone is no longer single: My colleague Seb Patiny from Belgium and I found the previously unknown male of Systropha macronasuta from KenyaI will soon upload a photograph into the gallery!

April 4th 2017 – Our new MPE paper on GC bias in phylogenomic data sets is out. I can't tell how it happened but we were awarded as Editor's choice!